BOOK REVIEW | ECONOMISM: Bad Economics and the Rise of Inequality

Supply-and-demand theory fed the free-market ideology that led to a financial crash and spiralling inequality, writes Noah Smith

12 days ago
Exclusive Books shortlisted for international Bookstore of the Year award

Exclusive Books’ flagship store in Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg, has been shortlisted for the London Book Fair’s International Excellence Award

17 days ago
A quixotic and dreary expedition

Magnificent book recounts the tragedy of 700 headstrong trekkers

19 days ago
Is SA cricket pageant still a dead ball?

There remains a racial and class divide in the local game as the fight for true transformation is not yet won

25 days ago
Trump ‘tuned in to worker lament’

US president won votes of those who felt politicians no longer considered them, says product of rust belt who rose to Silicon Valley investment principal

1 month ago

Intermittent headlines about the Libor interest rate manipulation become a pacy story, writes Patrick Jenkins

1 month ago