EDITORIAL: Some bad news nestled in good

One of the reasons for the improved balance is weak trade data, underpinned by lower imports that reflect weak consumer demand for imported goods

6 days ago
EDITORIAL: It’s time for Helen Zille to accept her fate

‘To grow further, the DA needs to jettison the baggage of the past and embrace a broader, more wholesome appeal’

7 days ago
EDITORIAL: Judiciary to be commended

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and his colleagues on the Constitutional Court bench have delivered a clear and stern lesson about accountability

9 days ago
EDITORIAL: Rand flies with dove-like Fed

The unknown unknown is US President Donald Trump’s economic policies — there’s a growing view he might prove to be much more ineffectual than expected

12 days ago
EDITORIAL: Ratings danger is still present

S&P is the big one to watch because it has SA’s foreign currency rating at BBB-, just one notch above subinvestment grade, 'junk'

13 days ago
EDITORIAL: What lessons from the PetroSA calamity?

The great irony is that PetroSA’s private sector comparator Sasol has been a remarkable success since it was weaned off government subsidies in 1997

14 days ago