EDITORIAL: Barking up the wrong tree

Discovery vs Afrocentric reflects core issues policy makers should consider when using instruments of competition regulation in 'radical socioeconomic ...

4 days ago
EDITORIAL: Banks’ behaviour in forex collusion scandal is disturbing

SA’s banks are large and powerful corporate citizens that constantly proclaim themselves to be upstanding and committed to acting in the best interests of the ...

7 days ago
EDITORIAL: An acute tax conundrum

The big question is whether the South African Revenue Service is able to collect whatever Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan pencils into his budget

8 days ago
EDITORIAL: New era for winning writing

As Business Day enters a new era it's worth noting global financial publications have demonstrated readers are prepared to pay for quality content and that ...

9 days ago
EDITORIAL: Get a grip on state companies

SA urgently needs reform of state-owned enterprises to persuade ratings agencies and to prevent damage to the economy

10 days ago
EDITORIAL: An empty speech bubble

The president was completely out of ideas — while committing to ‘a new chapter in radical economic transformation’, nothing he said on land reform, black ...

11 days ago