Air pollution shot in arm for China lung cancer drug industry

Surge in lung cancer spawns new listings and billion-dollar market values for Chinese companies Betta Pharma and Hutchison China MediTech, writes Li Hui

14 days ago
Are drug companies taking advantage of cancer angst?

Cancer treatments are poised to become the biggest earner in the pharmaceutical industry, overtaking drugs for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases for the ...

18 days ago
Could this be the year things improve for medical schemes?

The industry has had a tough couple of years, but efforts to address some of its troubles might start to bear fruit, writes Roshan Bhana

19 days ago
Aspen buys rights to market thrombolytic drugs in China

GlaxoSmithKline, in turn, has paid Aspen £45m to cancel its sub-Saharan Africa collaboration agreement with subsidiary Pharmacare

21 days ago
Aspen welcomes new move on pricing

The pharma company hails the timing of the single exit price implementation — January 6 — as ‘probably the earliest ever’

21 days ago
Medicine price increase off to an early start

Pharmaceutical manufacturers will welcome not only the increase in the single exit price for medicines and scheduled substances, but also its early ...

26 days ago