“Reduce to amplify” is the philosophy behind the approach specialist brand agency Grid Worldwide took when it worked on the project of rebranding the Loeries this year in time to coincide with the celebration of the awards’ 40 th anniversary. This boiled down to reducing the Loeries to its essence, a process that goes beyond a simple change of logo.

“The Loeries is an institution; it has stood the test of time and has become one of the most credible [ways] of measurement in the industry,” says chief creative officer and founder of Grid Worldwide, Nathan Reddy. “Our task was to remove the ‘fluff’ and reveal how the Loeries [brand] lives and breathes across all its various forms, transcending change for the sake of it,” he says.

The team looked at the experiential side of the Loeries and thought about how this could best be represented in a way that would do justice to the clarity, consistency and content of the brand. Consistency across every platform and touchpoint was central, he says.

While the Loeries’ 40 th anniversary coincides with the rebirth of its brand, Reddy insists that a new logo was just a small part of it. “In the context of Grid’s ‘reduce to amplify’ philosophy, we wanted to speak a new way of being regarding how the organisation sees itself, now and in years to come,” he says.

Reddy maintains that working with brands means understanding how they function across the board. “Another of the Grid philosophies, ‘Make it mean something’, was central to the Loeries rebrand,” he explains. “The work had to be more than a cosmetic change to make something pretty. It had to translate into how one feels when engaging with the brand; one has to drill deep down into [that] and to what people experience to create a seamless representation of feeling.”

“The Loeries changes lives,” he says, adding that in much the same way as the bird in the refreshed logo is depicted in flight, those who have had the privilege of winning at the awards have also seen their careers take flight. He recalls the special mention he received as a junior designer at the Loeries, noting that it changed his path and that the recognition received by his peers has played a huge role in his career.

“There is no doubt that the Loeries is an emotional brand, comparable even to an Oscar,” he says. As such, Reddy believes the team at Grid had a responsibility to do justice to the brand, which is revered and loved across the industry. “There could be no overdesigning or anything too elaborate; we had to find a way to represent the simplicity and beauty of the Loeries.”

The big take-out

Rebrands have to go beyond change for the sake of it, and should accurately represent the way people engage with and experience it.