The rapid pace at which time and technology are moving is the impetus behind MMA SA’s (Mobile Marketing Association) 2018 Forum theme: Accelerate. From AI to CX, the marketing world is undergoing seismic shifts and it is essential that mobile marketers keep up.

A total of 14 speakers, including two international guests – vice president for BBM across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas, Adam Pattison; and App Flyer’s MD for UK, France and EMEA, Paul Wright – take to the stage on November 1 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton to discuss 2019 mobile marketing trends and “projections” as well as 2018 key learnings and “reflections”.

Adam Pattison, vice president for BBM. Picture: SUPPLIED/MMA
Adam Pattison, vice president for BBM. Picture: SUPPLIED/MMA

MMA SA’s 2018 Forum will include Pattison talking about the digital paradox and what brands and content providers can do to take advantage of an increasingly post-digital world; Standard Bank’s Bellinda Carreira will share insights about the widespread adoption of data-driven marketing solutions, within a market context that is changing faster and more significantly than ever before; and guest speaker Julia Ahlfeldt, a certified customer experience professional, will unpack the impact that CX has on brands and their customers.

“We have carefully curated this year’s forum to include senior speakers who can provide expert insight into what we’ve gleaned from 2018 as well as what we can expect in 2019,” says Sarah Utermark, MMA SA’s country director.

The forum will also take a deep look at issues that affect the industry’s safety and security. A talk by Zia Namooya, CEO of Mindshare and Daryl van Arkel, CEO of Vicinity Media will address brand safety, viewability and ad fraud. All delegates will receive MMA SA’s Brand Safety 2018 Report at no cost.

Zia Namooya, CEO of Mindshare. Picture: SUPPLIED/MMA
Zia Namooya, CEO of Mindshare. Picture: SUPPLIED/MMA

“Globally advertising fraud and brand safety remain the biggest issues affecting every advertising and marketing professional,” says Utermark.

“However, transparency in mobile should be getting more attention. The biggest problem with regard to transparency? It’s the lack of standardisation. We need to stand together to fully grasp the sheer size of these issues as well as tackle them head on.”

Chris Babayode, managing director for MMA EMEA will provide a sneak preview to the soon to be released neuroscience study on cognition and opportunity to see in mobile. The MMA has undertaken a huge research study, pulling years of advertising research, to create a framework which will allow marketers to make better media buying decisions, by understanding the data they should use to plan and optimise campaigns so that visibility, opportunity to see, cognition and effectiveness can become measurable for maximum impact.

Ogilvy chief creative officer Pete Case will open the afternoon session and take delegates on a journey to unlock creative thinking, innovation and risk taking.

Radio personality Gareth Cliff will then lead the panel discussion on “Who, what and where are the best in mobile marketing making the most impact?” Introducing the SMARTIES Jury Insights panel, Cliff will moderate three jury marketers including Tiger Brands, Unilever and Yum! as they share insights and recommendations on key themes from the judging sessions as well as trends that will affect and influence the direction of our industry.

Cliff will close the day by presenting his talk “Speak Easy: The Rise of the Voice Activated World”. He will share insights, future trends and brand learnings as he takes a look into our nascent relationship with voice technology.

A guide that shares the judges’ feedback on this year’s entries will also be available to guests at no charge.

Tickets are available from Quicket and cost R750 pp for members and R950 for non members.

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After the forum, both the “Brand Safety Report” and “How to win a SMARTIE Award” guide will be available online to MMA SA members.

MMA SA Forum 2018 "ACCELERATE: Mobile Marketing's Future" line-up

The big take-out: The Mobile Marketing Association’s Accelerate Forum, taking place in Sandton on November 1, will focus on mobile marketing trends and projections, as well as key learning and reflections of the past year.

Picture: Adam Pattison, vice president for BBM. SUPPLIED/MMA
Picture: Adam Pattison, vice president for BBM. SUPPLIED/MMA

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