Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The traditional boss-employee relationship we know today will soon be replaced by a system where consultants sell their services rather than workers signing letters of appointment.

This is the view of Georgina Barrick, the MD of specialised recruitment agencies Cassel&Co and Insource.ICT/IT Edge.

This will require new "Smart" skills - specialist, mobile, adaptable, resilient and talented.

"Being Smart will be the key to surviving and thriving in the new world of work," Barrick says.

She has the following advice:

• Be more flexible. According to some estimates, by 2030 workers will work with rather than for companies. "This idea of workers as entrepreneurs will promote flexibility and autonomy - and will benefit high-skill workers," she says;

• Make studying part of your life. "Lifelong learning, where workers constantly re-skill or renew skills every five years, is becoming the norm"; and

• Don't make decisions based purely on money. "The emphasis is shifting away from chasing money at all costs to a focus on critical values, like work-life balance, happiness and fulfilment," says Barrick.

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