The Adforum automotive event. Picture: Supplied
The Adforum automotive event. Picture: Supplied

On Friday September 13, Ornico and the FM hosted the Automotive AdForum, joined by a panel of advertising and marketing industry leaders who analysed trends in the automotive industry. It’s a sector that is particularly competitive, with advances in technology driving innovation, which in turn is increasing advertising spend brands compete to win buyers.

Leading the pack in terms of spots across media is Hyundai, focusing primarily on the Tucson model, followed by Volkswagen. According to Ornico, VW has a higher spend than Hyundai and both brands were in the same leading positions this time last year.

During September’s AdForum the panel of experts debated some of these brands’ radio, print and TV ads, assessing whether they had a positive or negative effect on the brands, what the brands could have done better and which brands won consumers through effective advertising. It was a lively conversation which provided helpful insight into what goes into good advertising and vice versa.

Automotive Adspend 2019 – May, June and July

A trend over the past three years has been a shift in how the top automotive brands and vehicle manufacturers invested their adspend. Hyundai, for instance, increased the number of spots it took but reduced its actual spend. VW has focused on target audiences, with less frequency. Also falling within the top spenders over the three-year period is Ford.

Automotive Adspend 2017 and 2918 – June, July and August

The top five brands for 2018 and 2019 remained unchanged but there has been some movement in spend as well as slots for the quarters analysed by Ornico. Changes further down saw Kia taking sixth spot from Mazda in terms of spend and number of ad spots. BMW and Datsun appeared in the top 20 while Peugeot and Volvo did not feature in the top brands at all.

The big take-out

The Automotive AdForum looked at which advertising has been effective for brands and which hasn’t.