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The IMM Graduate School, in partnership with Nedbank, will be hosting the second annual half-day Marketing the Future Conference in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This year’s theme, “unlocking the human element in a digital world”, examines how the role of marketers continues to change as technology develops.

While technology has certainly opened up the world of marketing in a host of new and exciting ways – automating processes and creating opportunities for brands to communicate with consumers in different ways across different platforms – it’s placed added pressure on both brands and marketing teams to perform in a much more challenging environment, targeting a more demanding consumer than ever before.

Innovation, personalisation, two-way engagement and purposeful marketing have become basic consumer demands in relation to brands.  Turnaround times have become shorter than ever and time-tested strategies have quickly been replaced by new technologies that themselves become obsolete not long after they are implemented.

The Marketing the Future conference will tackle all these issues. It will feature a line-up of industry heavyweights who will be discussing various aspects of the industry.

Keynote speaker Andy Rice will be presenting a talk titled “Even a Ferrari has a rear-view mirror”. Rice has had extensive experience as a brand manager and strategist. He is also the co-founder of specialist brand and strategy consultancy Yellowwood and a well-respected advertising commentator and strategist.

The big take-out

At the Future of Marketing conference in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town Andy Rice, Anne Thistleton and Shivani Naidoo will delve into how to unlock the human element in a digital world. 

Mind science practitioner and veteran of the marketing industry Anne Thistleton’s talk will be on the subject “We are of two minds (and you are listening and talking to the wrong one)”. It draws on findings she has made working with global leaders in cognitive psychology as well as behavioural economists and neuroscientists on how we process the clutter of communication we are faced with daily.

Machine learning specialist Shivani Naidoo will address the way the fourth industrial revolution will change the way we work. Naidoo’s field of expertise is client development in relation to the use of big data and artificial intelligence. She is an avid advocate of the use of technology in creative problem solving and innovation.

The IMM’s Marketing the Future conference takes place in Cape Town on September 5, in Durban on September 18 and in Johannesburg on October 3 2019.

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