Zipporah Maubane, Altron Group Executive of Marketing. Picture: SUPPLIED
Zipporah Maubane, Altron Group Executive of Marketing. Picture: SUPPLIED

The problem with many brands in the information technology space is that they battle to connect with the consumer. One technology company that is consciously trying to engage with consumers is JSE-listed Altron, which recently launched an emotionally charged television commercial detailing the intricate relationship between human beings and technology.

The commercial tells the life story of a character, Lerato, from her birth, through her childhood to the time she gets married and starts her own family. In the process it illustrates the extent to which technology is intertwined with our everyday lives.

Rather than focusing on the company’s services, the commercial uses an emotive storytelling technique. The viewer believes Lerato’s life story is being narrated by her father, and it is only towards the end of the commercial that it becomes clear that the storyteller is actually the technology.

The commercial, which is the work of Joe Public, was launched on digital and social media platforms and will also feature on radio and TV. It builds on Altron’s new single-brand identity, introduced last year.

“Advertising that really works puts the human at the centre of the message,” says Xolisa Dyeshana, chief creative officer at Joe Public. “The mistake many brands in this space make is that they revert to brochure or technical speak. What we set out to do with this commercial was to create a story that resonates with consumers on an emotional level, in the process building salience for the brand.”

The objective of the commercial is to position Altron as the driver of the sentiment that technology is a facilitator of intimacy and change. “Through the use of emotional storytelling, we wanted to humanise something that is seen only as technical, and show the silent, yet vital, role it plays in all our lives,” Dyeshana says.

Altron’s new television commercial uses an emotional storytelling technique to illustrate the extent to which technology has become pervasive in our lives.

The reality, he adds, is that technology is pervasive in all areas but that we tend to notice it only when it does not work.  

Zipporah Maubane, Altron group executive marketing, says that by personifying and humanising technology the commercial aims to spark a conversation about the sometimes invisible, but always important, role technology plays in our lives.

Shorter, 20-second cut-downs of the longer commercial home in on each of the scenes, and deliver the required technical messages with the story as a backdrop. “It’s a way to combine the magic with the logic, and we hope it will resonate with all South Africans,” says Dyeshana.

The advert can be viewed here.