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A successful email campaign should grow your audience, increase brand awareness, and convert clicks into customers. Five simple tips can ensure a successful, targeted campaign.

For starters, you have to know your audience. Sending a direct marketing campaign to a carefully chosen demographic is paramount. Not only is it a waste of marketing budget to send irrelevant messages to the wrong people, it’s a sure-fire way to sabotage the success of your campaign before it begins.

On the flipside, sending your marketing messages to a targeted demographic for whom the campaign is relevant, greatly increases the possibility of responses.

One way to identify the right audience is by asking what problem your service or product offering would solve for them. If you can’t answer the question, they shouldn’t be on your distribution list.

Secondly, make sure there’s a reason for people to act on your email. Give clear directions as to where the recipient can learn more about the offering, and provide them with easy to use contact information. To this end, Click-2-Call is ideal, but barring that, then a button which leads to an online form should be easily identifiable. Use active language, which prompts the recipient without being overbearing, and give a (reasonable) deadline to take up the offer before it expires to increase motivation.       

The third point alludes to the human touch. Email is not always the most personable medium, so it’s important that your message resonates with the recipient right away. Addressing the person by name, using a conversational tone, and making the effort to connect with the recipient by offering relevant content, are all vital. Additionally, the ‘From’ address should be recognisable and include your company’s name.

Fourthly, use key design principles. When your email campaign is a newsletter, there are a few critical design principles that can make the difference between it being opened, or summarily ignored. For example, employ a compelling subject line and optimise the preview pane of your email. Secondly, your primary call to action (e.g. click here) should be easily visible from the top and bottom of the email. Lastly, irrespective of how many articles your newsletter has, its overall content should be broken up into small, easy-to-read chunks. Striking images that are appropriately sized so as not to be bandwidth hogs are a great way to catch a reader’s eye and capture their interest.     

Finally, the focus must be on the benefit to the recipient. While the reason behind any marketing campaign is ultimately to enhance sales, the focus should always be on how it enhances the life of the recipient. This dovetails with the first point, of knowing your target audience and what problem your marketing campaign solves for them. The benefit to the recipient needs to be a constant thread that runs through the campaign, from the subject line to its content. This avoids it coming across as a sales pitch, which consumers abhor, and provides the rationale and motivation to convert and buy whatever the campaign is selling.

Grant Fleming is CEO of Leadify

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