History will be made on July 31 when SANParks and animal welfare non-profit Network for Animals (NFA) relocates an elephant family to where it once roamed 150 years ago.

They will be moved to the northern-most part of the Addo National Park, called Darlington‚ about 90km north of Port Elizabeth.

The family of 27 elephants‚ which includes mothers‚ babies‚ teenagers‚ bulls and the matriarch‚ currently live in Addo‚ but cannot reach Darlington because of roads‚ railway lines and fences.

"They will be humanely moved and carefully taken by truck to their new home, a four-hour-drive away‚" NFA said in a statement. "They have to be moved as a family for their psychological well-being."

The Darlington land is a remote wilderness area north of the main park and located away from poaching areas. The area has plenty of vegetation and water, and the family will be able to safely breed there.

SANParks and NFA will have rangers‚ wildlife veterinarians and helicopters will help with the logistics.

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