Inside a FedEx ground distribution centre in Jersey City, New Jersey, US, August 7 2018. Picture: BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES/MARC MCANDREWS

FedEx will hire about 55,000 workers and increase hours for some existing employees for the holiday season, as the US package delivery company prepares to cater to an expected jump in shipments due to an online shopping boom.

The company’s seasonal hiring is about 10% more than in 2017.

Shoppers are spending more on holiday gifts, according to industry surveys, buoyed by a strong economy and labour market that is churning out more jobs every month.

FedEx has been investing more to handle the growing number of deliveries for online purchases and other packages.

"The rise in demand for e-commerce goes beyond peak. It’s a year-round phenomenon…," said Raj Subramaniam, chief marketing and communications officer.

The company said on Wednesday it would expand its US ground-shipping operations to six or seven days per week for the shopping season and extend the six-day week throughout its US network all-year round.


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