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Barack Obama leaves complicated legacy for black America

For African-Americans life has not changed much under Obama, but he may have been constrained from focusing on black issues because he is black, writes Neil Munshi

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THE FT COLUMN: The economic perils of nationalism

It may seem counter-intuitive, but societies have more to gain from trading with one another than trying to conquer one another, writes Martin Wolf

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Banks and builders heed this Nobelman

An expert in contract theory, Oliver Hart is sceptical about bailouts, shoddy deals and Trump, writes Troy McMullen

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Report’s problems more than semantics

Hilary Joffe

Basic error in the Bankorp ‘lifeboat’ saga report flags poisonous politics and poor understanding, writes Hilary Joffe

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How can Friedman be so obtuse about free market group?

Leon Louw

Steven Friedman’s tirade against Herman Mashaba and the Free Market Foundation is all essentially nonsense, writes Leon Louw

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Wealth gap will swallow our freedom

Xhanti Payi

No one who believes in freedom and democracy can tolerate South Africa’s brand of inequality, writes Xhanti Payi

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‘Apartheid-era looting of the state’ should be examined

Steven Friedman

An enquiry into collusion between business and the apartheid government is not a bad thing if it ensures history is not repeated, writes Steven Friedman

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