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Angela Adamson; Gareth Pearson

In a nutshell, Adcheck monitors and analyses what your competitors are doing through their advertising. Competitor analysis should form part of every organisation’s marketing strategy and if you aren’t doing it, you’re missing a valuable trick.

Which is where we come in.

Advertising is the perfect way to find out what your competitors are saying to their consumers. By analysing their ads, you can figure out how a brand is being positioned, what benefits it offers consumers and who its primary and secondary target markets are. This will save you a lot of time and guesswork.

Competitor analysis should be a long-term strategy, but we understand that there are occasions when only specific strategic and tactical analysis is required. Which is why we also offer short-term tracking, that’s valuable in situations where a competitor has launched a new product or has a product on promotion.

About Us

Launched in the heart of Johannesburg way back in 1971, when TV wasn’t around and people still played 8 track tapes. (Google them, they’re cool). And in the past 40 years we’ve taken Ad Tracking to a whole new level and grown into a rather formidable company (even if we say so ourselves).
We offer a comprehensive advertising tracking service to Brand Owners and Media & Advertising agencies in the country by collecting, on average, 20 000 ads in more than 400 product categories per month.
As if that wasn’t enough, in recent years we have added TV, Radio, Outdoor and Online tracking to our range of services.


Competitor Ad Survey

Ad Survey is an essential tool that tracks what your competitors are doing within the media, on a monthly basis. We’ll monitor certain categories, or brands within a category for you. Then we’ll compile images and video of all the ads (creative material) that were placed for the brand or the category. We also attach a media schedule which highlights how often the ad appeared, on which dates, and the publications & stations concerned. This is provided in jpeg & mpeg format.

Coverage Includes:

  • National/Regional Daily Newspapers
  • National/Regional Weekly Newspapers
  • Regional Community Newspapers
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Trade Magazines
  • SABC, DSTV Channels
  • Major Radio Stations
  • Outdoor
  • Online

Competitor Ad Review

Ad Review provides an overview of a brand or category’s campaign executions across TV, Radio, Print, Online and Outdoor mediaon amonthly or quarterly basis.

Presented in Power Point, it covers:

  • Summary of Activity
  • Creative Executions, compiled for visual reference
  • Messaging Outtake
  • Gap Analysis, establish where the gaps are within the clutter

What about international ads?

We’ve partnered with GlobalAdSource to give you instant access to global advertising content with an easy-to-use database.
So whether you’re researching an industry, brand or specific campaign, our search engine will give you up-to-the-minute information from all over the world.

You can get instant access to high-resolution advertising content and simple metadata that helps you sort through content to find whatever you need, whenever you need it.
We have over 11 million ads available from more than 50 countries. And the great thing is, you can start using the database immediately by creating your own searches.