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ANDREA FELSTED: Walmart earnings a warning sign for the US economy

The world’s biggest retailer is known for being careful about costs. But that’s harder to do when prices for everything are going up

PARMY OLSON: Devices collect our data, which is sold to the highest bidder

Capturing sensitive data is possible thanks to real-time bidding, a hugely popular approach to digital advertising and part of the lifeblood of Google and ...

ANDREAS KLUTH: Animal disease threat to humans will rise, researchers warn

Climate warming forecast to cause 15,000 more viruses to hop among 3,000 mammal species

Joint banking could be central to a happy marriage

Modern couples have lots of options for handling their finances, but what matters most is getting the communication started

How telling your child, ‘good job’, has become taboo

Praising effort, not outcome, has become a rule but it is a sign data-driven advice has gone too far

LIONEL LAURENT: Stricter regulations needed as crypto currencies go mainstream

The tech industry’s deep pockets are wooing governments. There’s a risk of regulatory capture.

ANDREA FELSTED: Companies are increasingly turning to seniors

Older workers are an under-tapped resource for businesses short on staff. 

‘Hard-line’ former cop to be Hong Kong’s next leader

Loyal to and supported by Beijing, John Lee is the only candidate for the former British colony's top post of CE

THERESE RAPHAEL: Supreme court disavowal rings hollow in high-stakes abortion decision

Bans on abortion will only compound existing health inequalities in the US

CATHY O’NEIL: Open-source Twitter algorithms are a terrible idea

Elon Musk’s suggestion that he might share the platform’s code could turn the content to junk

CHRIS BRYANT: Inflation is rising — so what about wages?

The longer inflation persists, the greater pressure there will be to incorporate cost-of-living adjustments in pay

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Who will Putin emulate when sanctions really start to bite?

As more and more Russians feel greater economic pain, nothing short of a full, nationwide descent into fascism can sustain the regime

JONATHAN LEVIN AND ANDREA FELSTED: Defensive stocks are paying off — but it gets trickier from here

Staples stocks have outperformed their consumer discretionary peers by the widest margin in two decades

CHRIS HUGHES: Firms clam up about workplace diversity figures

IT companies performed particularly poorly on pay inequality, with a gender pay gap of 32% and ethnicity pay gap of 59%

ADRIAN WOOLDRIDGE: The return-to-office war

The clash between workers and employees over returning to work is more than just a struggle over commuting and convenience

It’s Bezos vs Ambani again .... this time over cricket

Two of the world’s richest men are expected to vie for broadcast and streaming rights of the Indian Premier League