KATHY HOCHUL: Legislators must pass the CHIPS to tackle semiconductor dip

New York State is perfectly poised for the proposed rollout of a chip-making plan

PARMY OLSON: Can Big Tech fix our culture of overwork?

Microsoft, Apple are expanding tools to disconnect from work, and more people are taking advantage of them.

The ethics of strong-arming anti-vaxxers

Placing more restrictions on the unvaccinated looks justified, but governments should not dodge their own duty of care

Brewers vie for Africa’s beer market amid labour force promise

Tussle between Heineken, Diageo and AB InBev may be approaching its endgamee

US to revitalise its relations with Africa

Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledges a strengthening of relations and a summit of African leaders to foster closer co-operation.

Looking for a bargain? You may be disappointed by Black Friday

Facing higher costs, retailers have little choice but to cut down on promotions this year to protect profit margins

Boards are taking a more holistic view of the CEO job

A previous stint being the boss elsewhere remains the most common marker on CEOs’ CVs, but this seems to be changing

ADAM MINTER: Apple changes its tune on product home repairs

A new approach to fixing products will benefit consumers, designers and the environment

Nasa sets sights on diverting killer asteroids

Simulations show much more preparation is needed to deal with incoming threats from space

ANDREAS KLUTH: Stand-off at Belarus border could get very, very bad

If Putin and Lukashenko want to escalate the conflict, doing so would be easy

Is it fair to know how much your colleagues are paid?

How to ensure equal pay for equal work has been much debated

Myocarditis link to Moderna shots should be probed

US Food and Drug Administration is mulling whether vaccine could be used on children due to condition

DANIEL MOSS: Inflation is global, and there’s no enthusiasm to tackle it

But central banks dare not chance runaway inflation and risk a return to the bad old days of the 1970s

A $2.2bn Penguin deal can’t be good for books

Penguin Random House's acquisition of Simon & Schuster is being challenged because it might harm authors and the market

AARON BROWN: Cashing in on crypto: how to value digital currencies

Unless you’re sure that ‘this time is different’, crypto values won’t crash but could disappoint with years of mediocre returns

TIM CULPAN: Tencent shows off its footprint outside China to woo investors

The company is attempting to reverse a slower rate of growth after a crackdown by authorities

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