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Certainty over deal between Sibanye and Lonmin wanes

Ann Crotty

Public Investment Corporation, with its 29.3% stake, can block the transaction

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Showdown time for Jacob Zuma and the NPA

Karyn Maughan

Three judges will have to consider whether to grant the former president a permanent stay of his corruption prosecution

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NEIL MANTHORP: India wheedle their way back as head honchos

Neil Manthorp

Cricket officials not that interested in players' well being

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Fibre in the diet improves the business mood


The rapid shift occurring from ADSL to fibre as a primary form of fixed-line broadband in SA is throwing up fascinating insights

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Bequeathed assets aren't yours until estate has been wound up

If someone bequeaths you something, such as a property, in their will, do not assume that you will immediately become the owner of that property on the death of the testator (the person who signed the will).

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SAMANTHA ENSLIN-PAYNE: Power problems make even the good news tricky

In some smaller municipalities some businesses are already making their own plans to ensure reliable electricity supply, and more are now likely to follow.

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HILARY JOFFE: Cyril lights up the room, but where's the plan?

The price of Eskom bonds lifted in response to the president's comments, despite a Bloomberg report speculating the debt had now climbed to almost R500bn.

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