Founded in 1998 and growing into Joe Public United in 2007, we’re are a 100% independent, proudly South African, integrated brand and communication group, whose philosophy is grounded in the belief that growth is a virtuous circle: we believe that the growth of our people is linked to the growth of our creative product, which impacts the growth of our clients, and which ultimately contributes to the growth of the country. This ripple effect of growth is what we call ‘growth to the power of n’.


Our philosophy of growth to the power of n is also related to the way we see the life of a creative idea. Not only may an idea be born from any communication field, it should be amplified through all the channels at our disposal. That is why we have steadily built our integrated services, from brand design to above the line, from below-the-line to beyond-the-line, from digital to PR, which allows us to make every big idea even bigger.


The group’s service offering is through its specialist companies: Joe Public (Above-the-line), Connect Joe Public (Digital), Engage Joe Public (Public Relations), Ignite Joe Public (Cross-platform) and Shift Joe Public (Brand Design). We also have African and European partners/affiliates in 8 different countries.

Agency of the Year Loeries 2018

At the annual 2018 Loeries Awards show, Joe Public United was awarded the prestigious Agency of the Year award, with a grand total of 30 Loeries, including 8 Gold, 6 Silver, 7 Bronze and 9 Craft Certificate awards.

As Joe Public United exists to grow its people, clients and country, these awards prove that we are indeed living our purpose.

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