Ornico Media Monitoring, Intelligence and Brand Intelligence

Ornico provides reputation, media, advertising and brand research with a suite of products that includes Brand Intelligence® across Africa. It does this to help marketers and brand owners make sense of the flood of information that occupies traditional and social media.

By collecting and analysing media data across many channels, Ornico informs brand owners and marketing decision makers about the most important strategic decisions they'll ever make regarding their brands.

From editorial and advertising monitoring services, social media analytics to advanced brand research, Ornico provides a holistic and independent view of brand performance as reflected by television, radio, print media as well as social and digital media.

Consumers are bombarded daily with thousands of messages through traditional and social media. Are your messages reaching them? Or are your competitors more successful?

Are you a brand or marketing manager entrusted to grow your brand? Or an advertising agency that needs to do a brand review? A Public Relations company that needs to react immediately to a crisis? Our cutting-edge technologies and experts are here to guide you. To give you smart data and insights.

We track media content across many channels so you don’t have to – television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, outdoor, mobile and direct marketing.

Advertisements, articles, interviews, social media commentary and much more, concerning your brand or competitors, are identified and analysed to provide you with actionable insights. Helping you gain the competitive edge by making smart decisions.

We benchmark your marketing and communications activities to provide an independent view of your performance compared with others. This informs you to make better decisions to grow your brand.

Driven by world-leading technology and measurement standards, Ornico delivers actionable intelligence that helps you:

  • Get closer to your customers
  • Alerts you to new competitor activities
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing and communications campaigns
  • Decode the marketing strategies of your competitors
  • Build better relationships with influencers
  • Independently view your brand’s reputation
  • Identify better marketing and media strategies and opportunities

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lagos, and a partner network that spans the world, Ornico provides brand insights and intelligence to many top companies and public entities. But also the start-ups and young businesses, dreaming to be top companies. Helping them to grow. And we have done this for more than 30 years.

Best Global Practices.

We give you access to the most leading edge media intelligence thoughts and technologies globally.  Ornico is a prominent member of, and serve on international bodies such as:

  • FIBEP - the world’s largest professional body for media monitoring and intelligence
  • AMEC - the world’s largest professional body for media analysis
  • PAMRO – The Pan African Media Research Organisation
  • SAMMA - South African Media Monitoring and Measurement Association
  • IAB South Africa – The Interactive Advertising Bureau

These relationships enables us to provide you with the know how to grow your brand.