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About Sanlam Investments
We offer a wide range of investment and financial planning solutions to protect and grow your long-term wealth.

Sanlam Investments is one of South Africa’s largest investment management companies. We offer a comprehensive range of local and offshore investment products to end-investors, financial planners and institutions. Our investment options include passively and actively managed unit trusts, hedge funds and segregated and pooled retirement funds.

At Sanlam Investments, we aim to protect and grow your wealth over the long term.

Many factors influence the investment performance that enables us to achieve this goal. We successfully combine these factors to deliver strong performance across the investment range.

We take particular pride in:

  • Sanlam’s longevity and innovation. We have been around for almost a century and have always successfully adapted to our investors’ needs.
  • People, teamwork and values. Our employees are driven by passion and actively strive to be transparent and innovative.
  • A culture of diversity and commitment to growing our own timber. At Sanlam Investments, transformation is imperative and our internal programmes help develop tomorrow’s black investment professionals and business leaders.
  • Our robust, tested and proven pragmatic investment process and philosophy. Our performance history highlights the success we have achieved for our clients by committing to our investment philosophy.

Our transformation journey

As leaders in the creation and protection of wealth, our origins have always been rooted in empowerment.  We are in the business of building legacies and want to help people live their best possible lives, and we extend this to growing our own timber.

Our single objective is to develop, nurture and retain a rich talent pool of exceptional young black investment professionals for Sanlam Investments and the industry as a whole. Share the growth story of one of our talented young graduates within Sanlam Investments…