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What do we do?

Greymatter & Finch is an integrated reporting and stakeholder engagement company with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg.    We started as a team of two and now employ a team of 51 people.

We operate in an interesting, dynamic and complex industry that is filled with opportunities. We believe in pushing the boundaries of stakeholder communications and using tools such as integrated reporting to convey meaningful intent and messaging. We do this in the public and listed company environments.

We partner with our clients in their endeavours to communicate their journeys in a clear and engaging manner. 

What do we believe in as a company?

We believe that anyone can change the world.  A bold statement, but a genuine one based on the understanding that any company can make a difference if it is committed to value creation – as we are. As an entrepreneurial company, we take pride in creating jobs that support families. We believe that this is a driver of future growth for our country. We invest in gifted people, and that is what makes us special.

A company’s social, communal, internal and external beliefs shape its personality and the way it does business. Our beliefs enhance our ability to apply advice and reporting guidelines to tell unique stories in an inclusive and informative way. We believe that these activities help shape the future for the better – albeit slowly.  

Why do we persistently excel?

The reasons we excel are simple. We are members of industry-leading reporting bodies, and have a diverse range of experience and expertise. Our workforce includes people who have been responsible for the production of annual and integrated reports, as well as former company secretaries.

Therefore, we understand the pressure of producing an integrated report, and apply our experience and knowledge to create the best product for you. We are not perfect; we make mistakes – but it is the way in which we correct them that makes us different, strengthens relationships, and supports our client retention rate of above 85%.

The methodologies and frameworks we employ are the latest in industry application and best practice, including King IV, the GRI and other industry-relevant information.

Our goal is not to be the biggest integrated reporting and stakeholder engagement company in the country, but the best.

We aim to be our clients' partner, not their supplier. We chase quality and innovation. We are resilient and agile, and pride ourselves in our ability to evolve to meet the needs of our clients in a constantly changing world.   We choose excellence.

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- Integrated and sustainability online and print reports

- Advisory services

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- Digital services including online monitoring and SEO

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