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Logan Gengan

What we do

We offer unique, tailor made solutions for all brand campaign and eventing needs. Through our various in-house service delivery solutions we are able to achieve great campaign successes. What makes this possible you ask? Well it’s our work, our infrastructure and our people:

Our work is excellent as we continuously strive to provide clients and brands with the premium service they deserve. Our teams are well trained so that our campaign execution is perfect to ensure the brands market success. We are also able to put a campaign together in record time as we own all of our own infrastructure.

Our infrastructure is unmatched and includes a plethora of promobiles and activation platforms, gig rigs (7,8, 32 & 49 tonners), sound, stage, screening and lighting as well as our own in-house sound and video production studios. All vehicles and activation platforms are fully brandable and can be designed to your exact brand or event needs.

Our people are the brilliant minds that bring a campaign or event from thought to concept to life. Our strategy team is second to none, while our operations team can turn around at the drop of a hat, and let’s not even get started on our roadshow artists, those guys are simply on fleek all year round.

Address: 21 2 Avenue Linbro Park, Sandton, 2090