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Maria Ramos (CEO)

Think. Re-think. Prosper.

So how do you recapture the hearts and minds of nearly 12 million South Africans who bank with Absa?

Well, in 2013, we introduced the country to a word. Not a new word, but perhaps one they’d never given much thought to – prosper. A word that means different things to different people. For us, prosper is more than a word, it is a philosophy that drives our organisation, both externally (by giving our customers the right tools), and internally (by ensuring our own people prosper).

To marketers like ourselves, prosper is all about connecting, learning, innovating, thinking, and of course, making an impact. To do this, we need to have our finger on the pulse of industry conversation. And we’ve got to extend these opportunities to our own marketing teams so that they can grow and develop.

These initiatives enable our own team to tap into the ideas and opinions of other marketing professionals, to be exposed to new and exciting platforms and to be mentored by trusted industry gurus, so that they are equipped and inspired to escalate their own careers to the next level. And, in so doing, we are able to develop the most valuable solutions for both our clients and ourselves. This is what prosper is all about.

As a financial services provider that strives for prosperity for all, our membership to The Redzone is right up there, inspiring our marketing team to become tomorrow’s thought leaders, and prosper.