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Maria Ramos (CEO)


At Absa, we believe that everything we do should serve a purpose, and that purpose is helping people to achieve their ambitions in the right way. This notion is expressed through Prosper - a single-minded idea and unique property that all the culturally rich people of our continent resonate with.

Fuelled by this inspirational philosophy, in 2014 we launched a series of compelling and authentic films, that were native in their narrative, and illustrated the power of people’s ability to realise dreams and prosper when enabled by partners with the means to make them happen.

In line with the global trend of creating shared value, we recently extended the Prosper brand promise from the individual prospering to the collective. In so doing, we are creating value for our business in a way that simultaneously creates value for our people (employees, customers, community and country). Embodying the Barclays Group strategy, we call this shift, Shared Growth, and is based on the understanding that as our brand grows, society prospers, and as society prospers, we grow.

As our brand promise has extended, so too has the nature of our Prosper films to visually portray this Shared Growth promise to the communities we serve. Each of these stories in the new campaign bears testament to the power of the human spirit, and demonstrates our Shared Growth philosophy in action.

Our pioneering venture into native advertising has effectively blazed a trail in the financial services sector, which others have started to follow. These heart-warming, real-life, human interest films have struck a chord with the public and continue to exceed unique view targets on a monthly basis, as well as garnering ‘Best ad’ on various platforms including

The overwhelming public support these films have received clearly reflects that people love real stories of real people that pays it forward, inspires and entertains. And it’s not just South Africans who appreciate authentically crafted content. Our films have resonated with people from across the African continent, as far afield as Botswana, Ghana, Zambia, and Kenya.

Instead of relaying information about financial products and services, we based our communication on real content that is unscripted and undirected. Each film is a relatable and relevant aspirational story that brings our Shared Growth strategy and Prosper ideology to life.


As we breathe new life into our brand promise of Prosper, we will continue to live Shared Growth, not just as a philosophy, but as a methodology. By remaining honest, authentic and real, we will continue to increase our brand love across Africa, and help create strengthened societies who can enjoy an inclusive and sustainable future.