Prominent South African ad monitoring service provider, AdCheck, and international online media specialist BiScience, have entered into a strategic partnership to bring AdClarity, the largest cross-channel digital advertising intelligence solution to SA.

AdCheck is renowned for monitoring and evaluating advertising across various media platforms, including TV, radio, print, outdoor and selected digital platforms. This offering has now been significantly augmented through the addition of BiScience’s cutting-edge AdClarity online media intelligence tool.

AdClarity is a business intelligence solution providing insights on brand strategy and programmatic media buying and selling for desktop display, mobile web and video. It can drill down all the way to the creative level and reveal the entire creative deployment chain.

This allows advertisers, publishers and ad agencies to make strategic decisions based on competitive insights by revealing competitors’ total impressions and share of voice; competitors’ media plans and the online publishers they’re using to execute them; share of voice by publisher; and their competitors’ digital media mixes.

“After a few years of research we have found the most advanced technology for monitoring display and video advertising. Due to the increase in programmatic buying, there is more demand now than ever before for competitive intelligence for online advertising.

Angela Adamson, director at AdCheck. Picture: SUPPLIED/ADCHECK
Angela Adamson, director at AdCheck. Picture: SUPPLIED/ADCHECK

"AdClarity currently monitors online advertising in 25 countries around the world, so we’re proud to be able to introduce this incredible business solution to the South African market,” says Angela Adamson, director at AdCheck.

Shai Etzion, chief revenue officer at AdClarity, says the system collects large amounts of online advertising data from display and mobile channels on an ongoing basis to provide game-changing industry insights.

“We aggregate, perform statistical analysis, and compare real-time data industry benchmarks that create accurate, timely insights upon which advertisers can rely when making strategic decisions for their media strategies,” says Etzion.

“By partnering with AdCheck, South African advertisers and publishers can now have competitive advertising intelligence data both for SA and the rest of the world. Our programmatic coverage will supplement AdCheck’s ad intelligence in other channels to provide a more holistic view of the local advertising market,” he says.

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