Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Digital disruption has changed the world and challenged everything we know about doing business in every possible industry, including banking. The challenge for banks in an increasingly automated world is to ensure human-to-human interaction and that their brand remains relevant and trustworthy.

To this end, Investec recently launched its first cross-business, fully integrated marketing campaign.  Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the cornerstone of the campaign, “Partner with Out of the Ordinary”, is relevance to clients, says Danni Dixon, head of marketing at Investec. “The key message here is that through partnership and authentic relationships, Investec is able to support its clients in a time that can feel confusing and unstable, by clarifying the complexity – essentially how to be human in a world of technology,” she says.

The film component features a monologue by a main character (portrayed by British actor Nicholas Pinnock) as he makes his way through a world he finds both familiar and strange, verging on chaos as those around him chase trends and follow the crowd. Through it all, he remains calm as he reveals himself to be the partner one needs in these complex times – assuring viewers they are not alone and that he is the flesh-and-bone companion required to guide them. As this is revealed, he crosses over from the chaos into the calm of a stylised “search bar”, ready to help consumers through the questions they have about their financial wellbeing in this increasingly complex landscape.

The big take-out

The launch of Investec’s first cross-business integrated campaign works on the premise that in a digital world filled with opportunity, but also the chaos of the unknown, consumers are craving human interaction, relevance and support.

The search bar is a thread that carries through to the online element of the campaign, at the website partnerwithinvestec.com. There, users can scroll through a list of 20 questions concerning banking, business or personal wealth challenges, all of which are addressed by the main protagonist of the film through concise dialogue. He directs users to other relevant links containing over 60 pieces of content which deal with the campaign themes in greater detail.

Themes include privacy and data protection, guidance around investment opportunities, planning for greater life expectancies, understanding and being ready for digital disruption and coping with the increasing demands made on our time as the world becomes more complex and volatile.