Picture: SAB Be The Mentor/Facebook
Picture: SAB Be The Mentor/Facebook

Capitalising on the current popularity of video, SAB launched a short film to coincide with the festive season, highlighting the devastating effects of making poor decisions in the lives of teenagers; and to combat the incidence of underage drinking. The short film is an element of SAB’s 18+ Be The Mentor programme, which is based on the premise that teens and young adults are more likely to learn from and relate to someone closer to them in age as opposed to a parent. As such, a younger mentor is more likely to bring about change. 

The campaign, says the company, has been a positive and successful one for SAB. Stats show 1,587,144 views of the teasers and trailer on Facebook and Instagram, with 1,608 8637 engagements; 1 997 702 views of the teasers and trailer on Twitter with 56,632 engagements; 34,372 views of the short film on YouTube, along with 220,652 views of the trailer and 301,200 of the teaser.

In addition to discouraging young people from making poor decisions about underage drinking, the film also aimed to get more people to commit to becoming mentors. While the film features fictional characters, it highlights very real social ills associated with underage or abusive alcohol consumption, including the fatal effects of driving under the influence of alcohol, theft and arrest, which affect many South Africans.

The big take-out

Maintaining that teens and young adults are more likely to be influenced by people closer to their own age, SAB aired a short film over the festive season as part of its #BeTheMentor campaign to demonstrate the effects of underage drinking and poor decisions.

In keeping with the requirements of today’s consumers for brands that provide them with real engagement, the film encourages audiences to #BePartOfTheChange and “help to rewrite the future of South Africa’s youth”, says Zoleka Lisa, corporate affairs director at SAB and AB InBev Africa.

Lisa says the film forms part of SAB’s intervention strategy, which takes a hard line against underage drinking – one of several initiatives that have been designed using a multistakeholder approach, working with industry leaders and experts on alcohol abuse and its effects. “SAB is committed to fostering a global culture of smart drinking to reduce the harmful use of alcohol,” says Lisa.

The seven-minute film is available online via YouTube on the SAB 18+ Be The Mentor Facebook page. The pledge can be taken via www.bethementor.sab.co.za.