Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Consumers face a barrage of content in the current media environment, with brands shouting over each other to garner attention. In a saturated marketplace, building a strong brand is increasingly difficult. How do brands find a voice amid a sea of competition?

The creation of compelling and consistent brand messaging across all touch points is one solution. Today’s consumers want to be reminded of the humanity behind a business. They want to understand a company’s unique goals and values and the reasons why it does what it does.

What’s more, consumers want that effort to be reciprocated – for companies to recognise and respond to their needs.

The best way to ensure that brands are making valuable and authentic connections with prospects is for them to tailor content strategy to address consumers’ needs, desires and values directly. But do SA advertisers and marketers have a sufficiently good understanding of branded content, and is the use of it a viable way to build brands? Can branded content work on its own, or only in conjunction with other marketing methods? Is branded content more likely to drive meaningful interactions than outright advertising and do consumers have better recall of brands that use branded content?

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The big take-out: Do consumers have better recall of brands that use branded content? Let us know what your opinion is by participating in the survey