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Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook have set the tone for customer experience (CX) by creating experiences that are innovative and useful, as well as convenient and easy to navigate, says a recent Forrester Report entitled “Four tech giants dominate your customer experience”. The report maintains that marketers should know how to use the tools provided by these tech giants to understand, and meet, their own customers’ expectations.

The report reveals that these tech companies have essentially used five elements to enhance their CX and to successfully expand into markets across the board: these elements that their experiences are intelligent, intuitive, they account for context, they’re omnipresent and they are powered by a broad ecosystem.

As such, they get to know consumers and predict their needs, responding to them quickly. They’re so easy to use that even today’s toddler can find his way around an iPhone – no user manual required. They’re leading the way in artificial intelligence (AI) to understand needs and solve problems for consumers. Moreover, their awareness of context ensures they record a customer’s circumstances and purchasing patterns, making it possible for a tailor-made, personalised experience. Finally, the experience is available to whoever wants it, anywhere, anytime.

The big take-out:

Marketers can capitalise on the influence that Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have on customer experience by using the tools and platforms these vendors provide to tap into their markets and provide better experiences.

The fact that Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are all driven by ecosystems, means that they ensure added value for customers in every experience, and they do this by partnering other companies to make the experience that much more relevant. Their partners make their offerings even more holistic, the report explains, while they provide the tools and platforms for companies who want to integrate their own products or services.

It’s an amazing opportunity for marketers or CX professionals – the reach of these four tech giants is extensive and, because of this, they have considerable influence over customer experience. Ultimately, the report explains that in order to build their own ecosystems, they make a simple offer to marketers – help them to build better experiences and they will provide access to their billions of customers. Not only this, they have also provided coaching and guidance on how partners can hook into these platforms.

The Forrester Report illustrates three ways in which marketers and CX professionals use their capabilities to be most relevant to their companies and customers. This is done firstly by “wrapping your experience around the capabilities of Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook”. As such, these vendors provide product components that companies can incorporate into their experiences, for example websites that provide tools which enable visitors to like, share or send content to Facebook friends.

Secondly, the four tech giants have left enough space in their platforms for partners to fill, the report says. Chatbots on Facebook Messenger is a good example – a case in point would be that consumers looking to buy cars are starting to message vehicle dealers as opposed to phoning them. Here, chatbots fit the bill perfectly.

Finally, marketers and CX professionals should be using these platforms to create new experiences. Amazon’s Web service and Google Cloud are excellent tools for this, the Forrester Report says.

The report concludes by saying that each of the four vendors provides different core experiences: for example, Amazon is about e-commerce, while Facebook is social media. The idea is that marketers partner strategically with each one in order to cover a full range of customer requirements.

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