Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

With media consumption patterns as they are – consumers switch between laptops, tablets, phones and television screens at their leisure – there is no foolproof way for advertisers to ensure they’re targeting the right market at the right time with their messages. Mobile-first media buying agency YDigital Media has taken the gap with TV Sync, a product that allows for creative to be aired across multiple platforms, all at the same time.

The product is simple and easy for any agency to run with, says YDigital Media MD Nick Hodge, and provides a way for local advertisers to leverage their adspend and target consumers on additional screens as opposed to merely television – all that is needed is the television schedule. TV Sync allows advertisers to reach at least 80% of SA’s mobile audience, allowing for extensive reach in all the key television channels, says Hodge.

TV Sync works using YDigital Media’s mobile programmatic technology, Mobyd. TV Sync allows for the understanding of exactly who the target audience is, and when they are online so that they can be served an ad on their mobile, tablet or laptop. When the user is watching TV at the same time as they’re online, they’ll see two ads at once, he says.

The big take-out:

A first in SA, TV Sync allows for creative content to be aired on online platforms at the same time it airs on TV, providing advertisers with wider reach and more opportunities.

Though TV Sync has been part of YDigital Media’s offering for some time, according to Hodge it was the success that BMW experienced working with the platform for the promotion of the brand’s new 5 series that really brought it to the fore. BMW was the first brand to adopt the technology in SA and enjoyed positive results from the through-the-line media buying experience that it allowed for. Since then, says Hodge, a number of brands have shown an interest in TV Sync, including other vehicle brands, Telkom, Eucerin, and some of the larger banking groups – all wanting to ride on the new technology.

Inexpensive and easy to use, TV Sync goes a long way towards helping brands fulfil their primary objectives, says Hodge.

“We love working with creative that allows for interaction, just as much as we enjoy working towards an end goal – whether this in an increase in requests for test drives or sales – we work directly with sales teams to ensure that the creative matches the objectives. If it doesn’t, we’re not afraid to push back and guide clients in a better direction,” Hodge says, adding that users need to see the value. For example, while a vehicle ad is airing on television, the ad can be synced to show the back or interior of the car on the online platform, or provide a click mechanism to navigate the website; thereby creating brand awareness and driving traffic to the client’s mobisite or app.

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