Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

How consumers purchase is becoming increasingly important information for marketers. In response to a clearly defined need by brands for data to address demographic and geographical challenges, BMi Research has been appointed by Spark Media to assist with the delivery of Roots data, via Storyteller.

Storyteller is a software programme and a new addition to the Roots survey. It will allow for data to be presented in a graphic and more visually appealing way, making it more accessible to sectors such as FMCG, retail and property. Roots via Storyteller will provide insights into consumer behaviour at a local level.

The big take-out:

The need for marketers to understand consumer purchasing behaviour on a local level has been enhanced with the introduction of Roots via Storyteller, new software that makes the Roots survey information more easily accessible.

The data collected can relate to specific behaviours, for example whether consumers have visited casinos, shopping malls or fast food outlets; which supermarkets they shop at and what they buy; whether they have purchased appliances or DIY tools and whether purchases are spontaneous or planned. Marketers will be able to obtain information about where their customers bank, whether they have insurance policies and who they have them with, the cars they drive and what they buy when they go to garage forecourts.

Roots data has been available for the past 30 years, providing insights and demographic information on consumer behaviour across various local communities. The Roots survey is released every three years and consists of data collected across 120 communities.

The Storyteller software makes it possible for specific queries to be run through the data, while providing a detailed, geocentric view of consumers and their buying patterns. Data output is presented quickly and effectively, and allows marketers to see exactly who their customers are and how they behave on a local and national level.

The data provided by this research allows for information to be obtained across a variety of industries, including shopping, banking, travel, digital and entertainment, according to the where consumers live.

The information is acquired via 28,000 interviews with 6.2m decision makers, representing 3.4m SA households. The survey provides marketers with essential knowledge of their markets at a local level, understanding of specific areas in detail, and information about how these markets change.

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