Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Sean Press of Contact Media and Communications has been in the industry long enough to know when it’s time for a change. Given the state of SA’s economy and the ever changing media landscape, Contact Media and Communications made the strategic decision around six years ago to diversify its services to include event management, design, photography and videography.

The agency recently announced a new tagline, “like no other”.  Press believes it makes no sense to be in business – particularly the media industry – if you plan to do everything in the same way as everyone else. 

The way the agency makes a creative impact has always been a priority, says Press, adding that to stay relevant and grow you have to be willing to change and adapt. “Agencies that refuse to adapt will quickly become extinct,” be says.

In line with his business philosophy of “conscious capitalism” –  a philosophy Press adheres to in steering the business –  he believes there is nothing wrong with making money, provided you are also focused on how and who you affect from the point of view of a team and  supplier.

Conscious capitalism applies to brands too, he says. However, in a more conscious world brands need to make a difference and shouldn’t take without giving back. “Consumers are educated and have access to unlimited amounts of content. They’re aware of how they engage with brands and what these brands do in terms of corporate citizenship. They’ll vote with their spend,” he says.

Winning brands, he says, never under-estimate the intelligence of their consumers and instead, are respectful and invest in creating meaningful engagement.

The big take-out: Despite SA being in recession, Sean Press of Contact Media and Communications believes opportunity exists, provided businesses change in line with changes in the industry. Part of this is taking a more conscious approach to doing business and engaging with consumers.

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