Cricket SA (CSA) have dumped HD Ackerman as host of their awards dinner in response to reaction over his decision to move to Australia‚ the SuperSport commentator and former test batsman says.

“Just been pulled off hosting the CSA awards (on July 26) because a few people on social media feel my move to Australia is because I’m racist‚” Ackerman posted on his Facebook page.

“Forget the fact my wife’s sister had just moved to Brisbane and that my wife’s parents have just moved to Perth or that I got a job offer in Perth that included a school bursary for my son.”

He was supported on the site by former test fast bowler Meyrick Pringle‚ who advised him to “let it fly over your head and keep smiling‚ china. Family comes first.”

Ackerman first posted news of his move‚ which will happen in September‚ on Monday.

“SA has so much potential‚” he wrote.

“However in my entire life I don’t think I have ever seen anything more common than something or someone fail to reach their potential. I fear this may be the case with my beautiful country.

“I truly hope that the decision we are making is the right one for us and I truly hope that South Africa does go on to reach its true potential and that crime decreases‚ corruption slows (as all countries have this problem) and an equal opportunity is there for all.”

On September 19‚ Ackerman will start as director of coaching at Guildford Grammar‚ a private school in Perth.

Jon Kent and Gary Gilder‚ two of his fellow former Dolphins‚ were among well-wishers while former test fast bowler Brett Schultz posted‚ “And SA loses another incredible talent‚ as a player in his day and behind the microphone in the modern game.”

But on Twitter‚ others took less kindly to Ackerman’s announcement.

One user branded him the “latest to join the chicken run”.

Another wrote: “Always felt he was anti-transformation in SA cricket. Didn’t support Temba’s (Bavuma) inclusion in that test.”

To which Ackerman responded: “That’s where you are so wrong.”

CSA ignored requests for comment on Ackerman’s latest Facebook post. - TMG Digital

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