Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: GCIS
Danger of a mafia state Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: GCIS

ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday said the damning report‚ titled ‘Unburdening Panel’‚ released by the SA Council of Churches around State Capture should act as a wake-up call for the party to clean up its act and restore the confidence it once enjoyed.

The panel‚ which was established after allegations that former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas had been offered a bribe by the Gupta family‚ painted a disturbing picture of state entities that had been used to enrich a “powerful elite” close to President Jacob Zuma.

In the report‚ the SACC said: “"South Africa may be inches away from a mafia state from which there could be no return ... a recipe for a failed state. We urge the ANC to examine itself‚ find a way ... and act as this has implications for it and its government."

Speaking at the Moses Kotane lecture in Rustenburg‚ Ramaphosa said this was a sad revelation.

“The SACC stood up on a public platform and said we are on the brink of a mafia state. That is very sad. It should make everyone sad... If we as the ANC are to recover the leadership role in society‚ it is imperative that we act urgently‚” he said.

It was time for the State Capture allegations to be investigated and put to bed.

“We need to find the truth and clear it up through an independent judicial commission.... It is about time that we put it to rest. We should investigate and conclude it before the 2019 elections‚” said Ramaphosa.

The commission would expose the extent of State Capture and how‚ if at all‚ it had enriched a few individuals and families.

Ramphosa called for an end to “capture‚ corruption and cronyism”‚ adding that the party’s followers now had doubts about what the ANC stood for.

To curb this‚ the party needed to self-introspect and rebrand itself.

As the ANC gears up for its policy conference next month‚ Ramaphosa said this would be the perfect time for the party to rejuvenate.

“When [the party] emerges from that conference‚ it must be spick and span‚ ready for 2019‚” he said‚ adding that the party would remain united.

“The ANC will not split. It will not split because the party has responsibility to unite the people of our country‚” he said.

He called on the SACP member to follow in the steps of struggle stalwart Moses Kotane‚ who he said was concerned about the people‚ listened to their grievances and acted in integrity.

He said Kotane would have striven to have an uncaptured ANC‚ free of corruption and factionalism.

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