Ray Hartley Editor: BusinessLIVE
Presidents Jacob Zuma and Vladimir Putin. REUTERS
SEALING A DEAL? Presidents Jacob Zuma and Vladimir Putin. REUTERS

This just in from Reuters:

Russian state nuclear agency Rosatom has submitted a bid for a nuclear power project in South Africa, TASS news agency cited the company's General Director Alexei Likhachev as saying on Tuesday.

Rosatom had been considered the leading candidate for a tender to build 9.6 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity in South Africa by 2030, but South African nuclear state agency Necsa said last year it was no longer "the frontrunner".

There you have it. Zuma's last year to settle his debts, make good to his business friends and keep his promises to Putin, is well and truly underway.

Remember that this Russian nuclear deal was accidentally announced as fact by Russia more than a year ago. South Africa quickly moved to 'clarify' that there was no formal deal and that a 'transparent' bidding process would take place.

The Russians were nonplussed. They thought that Putin and Zuma had sorted the whole thing out in their many meetings.

Well, as far as I can see, there has been no transparent bidding process and yet Russia is actively seeking the deal with a bid.

The Russians don't seem to understand why the wheels are grinding so slowly when so many people stand to make so much money so quickly.

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