The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) warned of rough sea conditions‚ strong rip currents and higher tides as the super full moon spring tide takes effect from Thursday.

The NSRI’s Craig Lambinon explained that the spring tide "happens twice every month‚ at full moon and at new moon"‚ but it will "have a greater affect on the coastline because the full moon this month will be closer to earth than normal — known as a super moon".

It "lasts for a few days over each full moon and each new moon‚ peaking on the day of the full moon and the new moon"‚ he said.

"From today‚ Thursday 10th November — peaking on Monday 14th November — and lasting until at least Friday 18th November — over this period of time the public‚ anglers‚ bathers‚ beach strollers‚ boaters‚ paddlers and coastline hikers are advised to exercise extreme caution around the coastline‚" Lambinon said.

He also reported that NSRI’s Simonstown and Kommetjie duty crews on Thursday "assisted with the flooding of roads and residences on Kommetjie Road‚ Sun Valley‚ where a water mains burst causing flooding of the roadway and flooding of some of the residences".

The crews "used water extrication pumps to assist Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services‚ the Department of Water and Sanitation‚ Disaster Management and CMR [Cape Medical Response] who were all on the scene assisting with local residents".

"The burst water pipe has been closed and after water was pumped free from residences and the roadway no further assistance is required."

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