Students who need immediate help with a subject can turn to a new mobile application that gives them the ability to connect with verified tutors nearby.

The brains behind Cognition.Online‚ Kyle Dodds‚ says this way of tutoring is helping to "innovate the failing education system" in SA.

"We are looking to link students and tutors in the most effective manner. Our platform provides better tutors in your area and you are able to go onto our app and select what you need‚ when you want it and how much you are willing to offer‚" said Dodds.

"Our tutors that are available will then make an offer based on the subject that they teach based on an hourly rate. Our tutors are always rated by their students and as soon as someone is not performing‚ then we basically can remove them from our system."

There are currently 160 tutors among Johannesburg‚ Pretoria and Stellenbosch.

TMG Digital

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