Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Marketing Conference 2017. Pic: MICHAEL EDWARDS
Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Marketing Conference 2017. Pic: MICHAEL EDWARDS

Following the success of the inaugural Sunday Times Generation Next Youth Marketing Conference in 2015, the fourth conference takes place on June 14 in Johannesburg.

Musa Kalenga, the author, marketer, entrepreneur and one of the Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans, will be master of ceremonies at the conference. Expert speakers will take guests through all aspects of the marketing handbook that connects every brand, marketing, media and advertising professional who is serious about hacking into the younger generation.

Sunday Times Generation Next Study overview:
Young South African voices were heard for this year’s Sunday Times Generation Next study. Bongani Chinkanda, the CEO of the agency that conducts the research, will provide us with a background on this extraordinary study. He will probe some of its key findings, in terms of youth culture, behaviour and lifestyle.

Youth trends that enrich your marketing strategies:
Considering the demographics in South Africa, there are township youths, as well as those who live in urban and rural areas, each with their own interests, likes and dislikes. It is imperative for brands to define their target markets and tailor their messaging for each market, instead of trying to reach the youth as a whole.

The panel will uncover youth trends and insights that will help brands build sustainable relationships with the different youth silos and age groups.

Arye Kellman, CCO &Co- founder, TILT
Sapi Bachi, MD of HDI Zimbabwe
Two junior board of directors, HDI Youth Marketeers
Linda Magapatona Sangaret, chief marketing officer, Brand South Africa

Content and creative advertising to conquer the young minds behind the devices:
A heated creative advertising debate, with a panel comprising industry strategists, creatives and young minds. Brand adverts will be aired, and then put under the spotlight and rated by the audience with either a "feel good" thumbs up or a "does nothing for me" thumbs down.

Phumi Mashigo
Adam Byars, MD, Grid Worldwide
Alexis Petje, Ornico Group
3x Junior Board of Director - HDI Youth Marketeers

For social media to social customer relations management (CRM):
It’s pretty clear that there’s some disconnect between why people follow brands and why brands think consumers follow them. Organisations need to optimise the power of social interactions to get closer to customers. With the worldwide explosion of social media usage, brands are feeling extreme pressure to be where their customers are.

Mike Saunders, an expert in social media and digital customer experiences will be discussing how consumers think about their social media experiences and what brands should be doing to keep up.

How digital disruption is changing media consumption of youth:
Media is no longer the deciding factor for brand loyalty of youth, but it does make them aware of the most current and on-trend brands out there. Come hear from our media and broadcasting legends who will share their tips and lessons on how you can reach and retain youth by optimising the Media on Demand strategy

Siya Sangweni, brand manager and show host,
Gareth Cliff, radio and television personality
DJ Sbu, businessman, motivational speaker and radio personality
David Blythe, CEO Yellowwood
Thandi Ngwenya, head of marketing and brand communication, Alpha Media

Responsible marketing to the youth - the blurred lines:
Many brands today are affording serious consideration to the importance of understanding and connecting with this highly lucrative young consumer segment. Brands have to take into consideration what’s in the best interests of the consumer and their society, but how do you know if you are crossing a blurred line between what’s too much and what’s just enough?

This session looks at the psychological, legal and ethical aspects of youth marketing.

Dominic Gaobepe, author and speaker
Nikki Bush, creative parenting expert and bestselling author, Nikki Bush and Associates
Rianette Leibowitz, author, TV and radio presenter, accredited relations consultant and cyber safety activist

Tapping into tech – making the connection between brands and the youth:
Technology trends are important as they make a big difference to the way businesses operate now and in the future.  What platforms should marketing professionals use to reach the youth and how can we connect with them through these tech trends?
If these platforms are developed and applied correctly, they have the potential to become truly industry-changing for marketers.

This expert panel will uncover some of our favourite rumours and predictions and show marketers how the latest trends have opened doors for brands to connect them to the youth and their parents

Craig Wilson, Editor, Stuff Magazine
Ian Russel, CEO, BCX
Vinolan Pillay, Nedbank
Refilwe Maluleke, MD, Yellowwood

What are the benefits of being a young entrepreneur?
In an era when unemployment is an issue of significant proportion, the young entrepreneurs take the matter in their own hands.
The youth of today start businesses as incentives for social and economic change. Aside from chasing a profit to stay afloat, they are trying to solve different social issues within their communities and creating jobs of the future without even realising it.

While there's no way to truly know what the marketing industry has in store down the road, many industry leaders have a good guess at what's coming and how youth entrepreneurship isn’t just helping the marketing profession survive but evolve.

Waseem Carrim, CEO, National Youth Development Agency

Reasons why you should attend:

  • Access to leading local experts in youth advertising, marketing and branding
  • Gain insights on various youth marketing related topics
  • Share new ways of thinking and define new strategies to tackle key industry challenges and opportunities
  • An engaging and inspiring programme of interrogative talks and stimulating discussions
  • Discover ideas that will transform your youth brands
  • Enjoy extensive networking opportunities


Download the conference programme here

Conference details:

Date: June 14 2018
Time: 8am-12pm
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre
Tickets: R1,300 ex VAT

To book tickets, become a partner or view the conference agenda, visit the website. Follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.