Tax hikes and pain: brutal times demand brutal measures

The budget works hard to rein in debt while protecting the poor, but it’s bad news for the rich

PENSIONS: Some progress

Nedlac annuity talks bogged down, but budget generally signals positive news for pensions industry

EDUCATION: Finding the funds for fees

Gigaba’s self-congratulatory move to fund free higher education for students from poor families comes with sacrifices

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Drought after the flood

Broadband and digital migration spending take the brunt of cutbacks as SA Post Office prepares to reap benefits of huge cash injection. But not everyone is ...

HEALTH: NHI still somewhere on the distant horizon

But health promotion levy, which taxes sugary beverages, will be implemented from the beginning of April

SOCIAL GRANTS: On the brink of desperation

DA says 6.6% increase in child grants will not be enough to counteract Vat hike and the effects of inflation

CHARLENE LACKAY: Rethinking engagement

Instead of sneezing in a thunderstorm, firms should be brave enough to experiment

PERSONAL FINANCE: Tightening the tax screws

The increasing burden on South Africans in some income classes is close to reaching a tipping point

TRANSFER DUTY: No relief for home buyers

Transfer duty rates have not been changed, partly because revenue from property sales was lower than expected

LAND & AGRICULTURE: Speeding up the transfer

More money for redistribution but some doubters still fear the state retains smash-and-grab ambitions

VAT: Filling the revenue hole

While some believe the Vat increase was inevitable and necessary, others say there are better ways to make up the shortfall

CORPORATE TAX: All eyes on incentives

Companies get a break with no tax increase, but government has a few tricks up its sleeve

PROVINCES: Less for services

Provincial and local governments take a hit as Gigaba makes trade-off for free higher education

JUSTICE: Security gets a helping hand

Ipid’s allocation of R158.5m will address weaknesses in its internal controls and boost its case-management system

HUMAN SETTLEMENTS: Getting value via title deeds

Government plans to unlock an estimated R180bn of value for low-income home owners

PERSONAL TAX: Some relief but it’s slight

Bad news for the rich: increased duty will squeeze more money from high-value estates