XHANTI PAYI: Billions spent, so where are the jobs?

The government needs to move beyond its big business bias if it wants its job-creation initiatives to be successful

PETER BRUCE: Slow and not so steady

Mboweni bought Ramaphosa more breathing space, but the president still can’t shake off his party’s shackles

MAMOKETE LIJANE: Not the remedy, but still a salve

This budget aims to show lenders that SA is clawing back its fiscal credibility and coming back to a sustainable path

Eskom: the elephant in the budget room

Avoiding discussion of Eskom and its enormous debt burden unfortunately won’t make the problem go away

CORPORATE TAX: Tax rate to go down ... eventually

Change will bring SA into line with other countries and make it more competitive, says Saica tax head

COLLECTED INCOME: Treasury’s R99.6bn windfall

Revenue collection is better than expected, heading off a controversial wealth tax and personal tax increases

SIN TAX: A boon to the illicit market

No respite for the Covid-hit booze and smokes industries as Tito doubles excise duties to 8%

COVID RESPONSE: Treasury’s big jab job all paid for

How do you spend your way out of a pandemic? Well, buy the people their vaccines. For starters

SA REVENUE SERVICE: Escaping Moyane’s shadow

The Sars unit destroyed in the state capture years is back to target those hiding their wealth offshore

WELFARE: Tighten your belts, ye poor

Paltry social grants reverse Mboweni’s earlier prioritising of people over fiscal consolidation, says welfare advocate

CRIME, COURTS & SECURITY: Cops face the chop

Mboweni likely to rile organised labour as he slashes budget for police, soldiers and courts

HEALTH: Health-care cuts, Covid or not

In the budget fine print, it’s clear that the health sector wasn’t spared the sort of cuts needed for SA to avoid a debt trap

EDUCATION: Teacher pay freeze right move

SA needs more money in education — but there are far more pressing priorities than hiking teachers’ salaries

PERSONAL TAX: Breathe out, for now

Income tax hikes are off the table and, in fact, some relief has been granted. But the wealthy had better watch out

CLAUDE BAISSAC: Rebuilding the middle class

Getting SA back on the right track means that we have to widen the base of taxpayers. There is no real alternative

INFRASTRUCTURE: Shoulder to the wheel

Mboweni plays nicely with the private sector as the government renews its infrastructure pledges