ESKOM: Government to pour R69bn more into a sieve

Trade unions are likely to oppose the plan to sell part of Eskom’s transmission assets to a new equity investor

LAND: Finally, more cash to speed up reform

A central criticism has been the government’s lack of support for black farmers after they have been given land

SOEs: Taking a tough line on state spending

Failure to meet a single debt payment when it becomes due triggers a settlement of all debt owed by SOEs

INFRASTRUCTURE: Eskom gets more than just a bailout

Over three years, the utility will get 85% of the budget for energy expenditure, to spend on Medupi and Kusile

REVENUE COLLECTION: Dire cost of Sars’s implosion

The shortfall in the amount of tax that Sars collected this year is even worse than anyone expected

EDUCATION: Tablets won’t cure pupils’ problems

Some welcome common sense, but where’s the promised emphasis on basic childhood literacy?

ENERGY: Sustainability comes at a price

New environmental taxes will hit consumers — but incentives will ease the pain for business

CABINET: Looking ahead to cuts and consolidation

A smaller cabinet is a likely part of a reduced public wage bill. But policy consistency is a more important concern

JOBS: Private sector the key to job creation

There was little detail, beyond tax incentives and investment, on ensuring how job-creation targets would be met

PERSONAL TAX: Crumbs for long-suffering taxpayers

A handful of people will be leaving the tax net, but many more South Africans will end up in higher brackets

DELPHINE GOVENDER: All rather tired of surprises

Corporate SA has not asked Tito Mboweni or other finance ministers for all that much — just no bombshells, please

COMPETITION COMMISSION: Budget boost put on back burner

An additional R125m has been set aside for the Competition Commission — subject to certain conditions being met

PROVINCES: Sort out your books ... or else

Spending and budgetary performances may be improving — but there’s still a long way to go

PIC: Lower returns at heart of the problem

The Government Employees Pension Fund has seen its position deteriorate since 2016

POLITICS: Holding the centre

At this perilous moment in our history the most realistic way to get to a disciplined and capable economy is to strengthen Ramaphosa’s hand with a convincing ...

HEALTH: Funds for NHI shifted to ‘front line’

Critical clinic and hospital staff shortages to be addressed by short-term spending realignment