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Trade of the Month: CMH vs Motus as South Africa gears up for summer

Car rental figures are going to be key for both companies in the next few months

ANTHONY CLARK: Grindrod is ready to roll

The cargo handling company is in prime position to gain from public-private partnerships in the rail and port sectors

Investors will have options in 2024

Bonds remain an attractive choice, portfolio managers say

WARWICK LUCAS: Revisiting the private vs listed debate

The trade-off between the benefits of private control or ownership and the benefits of ready liquidity through being listed is a long-standing one

When it comes to tech, stick with the tried and tested

The good ships Microsoft and Apple are far better equipped to navigate the treacherous currents of the technology boom than fancy yachts

When S stands for Spur strategy

Val’s plan and the spirit of Pierre van Tonder. A look at the past and future of the group, with Ari Jacobson

Sun International rises again

Sun International is continuing on a growth path, and investors who backed the management action plan during Covid are beaming

BEYOND SHARES: The attractions of investment trusts and private equity

Linking up to a blockchain could appeal to some, but the investor who does that might in the end have to take almost full responsibility for security

Tsogo Sun: will you bet the house, or will you fold?

The company may have an ace up its sleeve in the form of online sports betting platform playTsogo

Premier Group: Not quite fluffy, but beginning to look appetising

Premier Group is a brand well known to consumers and shoppers in South Africa — but it has been a little more scarce on investor shelves

Uptick in travel boosts City Lodge

City Lodge: comfort for long-suffering shareholders, with latest results revealing lots of good news

Karooooo investors will welcome more focus

The good news is that the Carzuka venture is a thing of the past

Super Group pumps up the volumes

Global diversification is key for the transport and logistics group, with operations outside South Africa contributing 54% to revenue and 56% to operating ...

Geopolitical risks weigh on economic outlook

The major concerns for 2024 remain uncertainty and volatility as the Russia-Ukraine war enters its third year and tensions rise in the Middle East

Are diamonds forever out of favour?

Diamonds may not be forever but Anglo American CEO won’t hear anything against De Beers

MARC HASENFUSS: Will diamond mining sparkle again?

It would be interesting, at this delicate juncture, to see the market response if Anglo American decided to relist De Beers