TOBY SHAPSHAK: Cynical Instagram ignores teen agony

The social network knew for two years that it caused mental health issues, yet chose to downplay its effect on teenagers

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 draws me into the fold

Samsung’s newly launched device offers the luxury of a larger screen on a compact phone — but it doesn’t come cheap

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Actually, outsiders can read your chat

WhatsApp, with more than 2-billion users, routinely studies ‘end-to-end encrypted’ messages flagged as abusive

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Pluck of the Irish: WhatsApp’s hefty fine

Facebook has been slapped with the largest fine yet by Ireland’s data watchdog for serious privacy infringements

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Tim Cook takes Apple to the stratosphere

Steve Jobs’s successor has, in a decade, propelled the firm to become the first $1-trillion and $2-trillion company

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Facebook faces a stronger Federal Trade Commission

Facebook stands accused of buying out start-ups because it lacked the acumen and talent to survive the transition to mobile

TOBY SHAPSHAK: The Disinformation Dozen

A small group of people are peddling lies about vaccines — and making a lot of money doing it

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Inept Stella is still on Cyril’s team

A third of the cabinet deadwood has been changed but useless laggards remain. So much for ‘consequence management’

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Biden takes on Covid collaborators

Facebook refuses to stop misinformation spread by the anti-vaxxers, causing more waves of infections

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Pegasus exposes how countries spy

President Cyril Ramaphosa is one of many world leaders and others whose phones may have been used for snooping

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Zuma’s end unfolds on social media

Having played his trump card and lost, the former president is a spent force — and he’s still in jail

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Twitter timeline of enflaming a riot

Jacob Zuma’s daughter has been his most strident defender, but she is also fuelling the riots on social media

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Cold War 2.0: set in cyberspace

The latest hack involves a network supplier you’ve never heard of — whose weak security was targeted to reach bigger fish

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Privacy protection arrives at long last

The much-heralded Popi Act will finally bring meaningful legislation to protect SA’s digital privacy and our personal data

TOBY SHAPSHAK: A minimum of tax justice for Big Tech

A global minimum tax came a step closer at the G7 summit, where it was called ‘fit for the global digital age’. Let’s hope so

TOBY SHAPSHAK: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google meet the might of Big Law

Having created monopolies in online messaging, search and e-commerce, the giants are finally being reined in