ANC supportes. Picture: REUTERS
ANC supportes. Picture: REUTERS

In his column, Sipho Pityana (Pathfinder, January 9-15) writes about recovery plans for SA and suggests a number of responses. I believe he is totally out of touch with reality when you consider his suggestions as to what a recovery plan should include:

• Security of energy supply. The ANC actually only has until now — not some time in the future — to address this matter. The steps to do so will mean the party loses power, and the country will burn if the required layoffs are made.

• Fiscal consolidation by cutting government expenditure. This would mean spending less and removing those who are doing the spending — especially the unauthorised kind of spending. This is a concept the ANC does not grasp, and will never allow to happen.

• Reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). This would require removing incompetents from their positions and laying off millions of ANC voters. Worse, SOEs would have to import skills (at Eskom, for example) at great expense, as it’s a sure no-go to use local skills.

• Appointment of competent and ethical leaders. Most politicians are corrupt, incompetent and unethical. Throw in untrustworthy, greedy and ruthless (especially in the ANC), and you’ll be more realistic as to what to expect when head-hunting so-called leaders.

• Have a blueprint to revive the economy. Where, after 25 years of messing up the economy, will the ANC miraculously find someone with such foresight? The party won’t consult anyone outside its ranks — had it done so, we’d have had a blueprint already.

The ANC is so fearful of doing something that pleases non-ANC members that it would rather see the whole country go down than take advice.

Is this not what is happening now?

Marius Landman