Lawrence Macdougall. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA
Lawrence Macdougall. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

The corporate world is going from bad to worse and the CEOs in many cases are an embarrassment, to say the least. The article last week about Tiger Brands just amplifies this when we have the CEO (Lawrence MacDougall) stating that if anyone is not happy about his performance and the way he’s handled the listeriosis crisis they should approach the board to decide his fate. What a disgrace.

He should do the right thing

and resign with immediate effect instead of hanging around collecting a fat salary while shareholders are counting their losses and he should ask some of the board members (who have allowed him to stay) to join him. These are the very same people who point a finger at politicians for being incompetent and corrupt and not wanting to resign because the gravy train provides handsomely, yet they themselves are doing the same.

Has all self-respect disappeared as long as the money is rolling in? Have some of these CEOs no concern for their families who also read about these matters in the news and might feel tainted as well? It’s shocking behaviour.

R Winter
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