I find myself in general agreement with “The ANC Today, In Two Acts” (Editor’s Note, October 31-November 6). However, the introductory paragraph needs to be challenged. It reads: “If the events of the past few days are anything to go by, SA hasn’t just been afflicted by a Zuma problem, the country suffers from an ANC problem.” We’ve had an ANC problem for longer than a few days.

Surely corruption has been a problem — first ignored, then nurtured by the ANC government — since former president Jacob Zuma took office? After all, the ANC “leadership” — which includes our current president — sat on its collective bottom and uttered not a word on this festering sore for nine years.

The Gwede Mantashe scandal is simply the latest symptom of this. And, in all honesty, it’s small beer when compared with some of the revelations emerging from various recent and current inquiries.

Clive Kihn