Lisa Steyn’s article on deep-sea mining (Features, July 11-17) refers. I am almost disappointed in myself for being surprised by the new lows to which humanity will sink for a quick buck. In our ever-growing greed and quest for minerals, we are not satisfied with carving up the planet’s surface; now we must insist on adding more trauma — and, inevitably, trash — to our oceans?

Steyn writes that the International Seabed Authority must come up with a deep-sea mining code by next year. Well, I hope that code states that for every ton of "treasure" harvested from the ocean, the government or corporation responsible has to clean up a ton of plastic and trash with it.

We are already killing unprecedented amounts of aquatic life. I am devastated at the thought of the ecological implications of even one of these mining claims for this already fragile and abused ecosystem.

Why can’t we just leave it alone?

Sylvia McKeown

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