Giulietta Talevi’s Q&A with outgoing Business Leadership SA (BLSA) CEO Bonang Mohale (The G Spot, July 4-10) was interesting, but merely confirmed something most hands-on business people know already.

There is a chasm between what goes into fancy plans in boardrooms and PowerPoint presentations, and what actually happens on the ground.

Mohale’s impressive boast about lifting the BLSA CEO count to 86 will be meaningless to beggars at traffic lights or retrenched construction workers, who wonder how they are going to feed their families.

I could go on but I have a question for Mohale. Two, in fact.

First, I cannot believe he thinks this is the government most friendly to business in 25 years. On what does he base that view?

And, second, if the future here is so bright, why did both his daughters not obtain their tertiary education at local universities?

Instead, they attended some fancy institutions overseas — something the average person clearly cannot afford.

Would it be uncharitable for me to think that being Mohale’s offspring might have opened a few doors that may have been closed to lesser mortals?

Please can we have more of Talevi’s interviews? They are refreshing in the modern, sanitised world of political correctness.

Tony Ball

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