How pathetic. With the ANC at its most vulnerable — despite the Cyril Ramaphosa revival — the DA had the ideal opportunity to seize the moment and show that it can govern with clean and statesmanlike leadership.

But instead it’s been bogged down with internal wrangling that could have been sorted out without shouting it from the rooftops before a bemused electorate that voted to make the Western Cape DA territory.

The palpable split in the party’s ranks is reminiscent of what has befallen the ANC, with corruption and maladministration as the common denominators.

The magic moment for the DA has been lost, and it will take a miracle and a particular brand of leadership to get the party properly set for 2019.

Can this be the cue for Makhosi Khoza and her African Democratic Change party? Can she turn the tide from traditional politics, which is stuck with split personalities who have nothing to offer a citizenry that is sick to death of a failed status quo?

Cliff Buchler