Steinhoff. Picture: SUPPLIED
Steinhoff. Picture: SUPPLIED

Financial Mail said: Over 15 years, Steinhoff’s CEO has scored R492m in salary and bonuses. If he messed up, shareholders must reclaim some of that windfall.

The angle of this article makes for a slippery slope. What does the writer expect next? Collective bargaining for CEOs? Comparing workers’ salary scales with those of the CEO? Come on, man. Only the shareholders decide what the CEO earns and he decides what the rest earn. They set targets for bonuses and happily reduce their dividends to pay the bonuses. Besides, how many millions did he pay in taxes and will that be recouped? - Johann Stassen

This makes me sick to my stomach — they [Steinhoff’s executives] live in a country filled with such abject poverty and yet they are still so greedy. A pox on them. - Fiona Valk

The crux of the matter: if you were paid any bonus based on perceived performance and that performance is proven to be false, the bonus paid should be clawed back. Though [former Steinhoff CEO] Markus Jooste will say that the money has already been spent on his big love: the racehorse industry. - Christelle Buys

Is this thief, fraudster and liar still roaming the streets? - Mandlesilo Mavimbela

Colour or creed does not matter when you are a thief. The same rules apply whether you steal R1,000 or R1m. A thief is a thief. - Elizabeth Jacobs

The biggest criminals all wear suits. - Clint Baudoux

Why is nobody asking for the head of the real criminal, Christo Wiese? - Eric Perez

There is too much focus on public sector corruption. I like the way the mainstream media has peddled the narrative of an "accounting scandal". Bloody hell, this is criminal looting of the enterprises [these executives] presided over and ripping off of shareholders. It’s corporate malfeasance of the worst order. The rot is complete — everyone from the board to the auditor is complicit. I’m looking forward to the parliamentary inquiry. - Ishaam Rehman Moorad

Jooste has given all Joostes a bad name. Now [he should] pay back every cent — and preferably do so from behind bars. - Samantha Jooste

Come on now, people. Who goes to jail for accounting irregularities? - Sivu Selana

If AfriForum does not go after these guys, it is going to lose a lot of credibility. A lot of its supporters have lost a lot of money. - Rob Wilson