I recently bought a copy of the Financial Mail, my attention having been grabbed by the desperate Steinhoff Cover Story (December 14-20).

I was truly surprised at the calibre of your publication. The last time I bought a Financial Mail some years ago I groaned at the tedium of it all. But your content, layout, typefaces now … it’s collectively like "a desert plant that has been rained upon". I shall spend the coming days poring through the stories and features. Congrats to your team.

A suggestion, if I may? Perhaps add cream to the top of your literary cake with an attention-grabbing Movies & TV page … and an irresistible Books page too. You could feature movies with a financial/journo bent — The Post (Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep) — for starters. And books about world finance, politics, or corporate scandals. The recent Economist (with its shocking "The corruption of SA" cover story) features a captivating Books of the Year 2017.

But I digress, forgive me for not being able to resist congratulating you on your superb publication. I’m an expert on nothing, but I am fairly discerning. I am your newest new reader and fan.

Vernon Buxton