Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The everyday reality of life in SA is worse than a nightmare. Not a day goes by without a report of murder, rape and bank heists — which is nothing compared with the blatant thieving of the ANC. In the 23 years of its rule, more than R1 trillion has been lost to corruption, with the supply chain under the influence of politically connected individuals.

During President Jacob Zuma’s reign, malfeasance has become endemic, mainly because he has placed his sycophants in positions of authority, protecting his back without thought of the damage been done to the country or the increased suffering the poor, the ignorant and the jobless endure on a daily basis.

The ANC has long lost its moral compass. Members of its national executive council turn a blind eye to the Guptas’ capture of the state. Neither do they express outrage at the robbery allowed under Zuma’s watch. What moral weaklings they have proved to be.

Civil society and some elements in the ANC are finding traction, but the parliamentary majority enjoyed by the ruling party allows it to display arrogance and thwart any genuine inquiry into state capture, showing no understanding of the irreparable damage being done to SA and our economy.

Ted O’ConnorAlbertskroon

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