As I read the various articles published about SA’s state-owned enterprises, overspending in the various ministries and municipalities, and the amounts of money that have been stolen from taxpayers by corrupt officials and the private sector, I have to ask: does anyone in SA bother to keep a tally of the amounts in question?

Every other week there’s a revelation of R100m here, R400m there and more than R1bn taken there.

I think South Africans who keep hearing about these amounts of money disappearing are asking themselves how much has gone missing or been looted or stolen, and whether it will ever be recovered.

One could almost say that the public has become numb to the numbers in play.

Maybe your esteemed publication could write an article on just how much money we are talking about since the ruling party came to power.

I think the numbers in totality would be staggering.

Dirk S van Doorn

Dubai, UAE

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