A high court judgment in KwaZulu-Natal has placed Jacob Zuma’s faction on the back foot. With political tensions rising in the volatile province, expect a huge fight ahead of the December conference.

The ANC is finished. No more. Those in power — Cyril Ramaphosa included — will now go down in history as the people who destroyed it. Maybe, just maybe, we will learn from this that we don’t need politicians — they need us. We need policy makers and executors of that policy, that’s all. Run SA like a business, and we’ll be fine. - James Drew

Where there are state resources to loot, there is no fair play. Expect the conference either to go ahead with an explosive atmosphere or not go ahead at all. - Makhanda Mokoena

Public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane has managed to devastate the credibility of her office in almost record time.

She certainly is no Thuli Madonsela. But who, apart from the courts, can keep her in check? Why on earth is she concentrating on historical issues when all around her there is sufficient evidence to suggest the country is going down the tubes? Captured and incompetent indeed! - Mike Nussey

If she doesn’t want the crook label to stick, then she should do something! Look into the Gupta e-mails, support previous findings made and ensure they are carried out, and be big enough to put the people of SA first. Mkhwebane will go down with the sinking ship if she doesn’t start doing the job she is paid to do. - Dennis Rosslee

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