James Henderson. Picture: BELL POTTINGER
James Henderson. Picture: BELL POTTINGER

Bell Pottinger has borne the brunt of anger over state capture as it is the only entity in the entire saga to be held accountable. It is a proxy for public fury at the Guptas. What the firm did was bad enough, but it is nowhere near as bad as what the ANC, its voters, the Zumas and the Guptas have done to SA. How is it that SA is unable to deal with its crimes as other countries are (mostly) able to deal with theirs? Geoff Smailes

The UK’s Mail on Sunday detailed how Heather Kerzner, ex-wife of sun king Sol Kerzner, had invested a large sum into Bell Pottinger as a "modern-day dowry" for her fiancé, Henderson.

The delicious irony of Heather Kerzner losing her little war chest is almost too much for me to bear. That will get her to rethink her position, I’m sure.

Henderson’s world is collapsing around him and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Okay, it could happen to Zuma.

Spin your way out of this, china!

James Drew

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